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D&D Materials is a business that is owned and operated by a local Tucson family. Serving the community from the same location for over 50 years, we are conveniently located on the east side of Tucson. Through the years, we have grown right along with Tucson and the surrounding areas. We now have a second yard right around the corner in Rita Ranch. Our product line, the services we offer, and our business hours have expanded to better benefit our customers.
3 Part Alligator - alligator stepping stones in Tucson, AZ
Rocks placed under cacti - rock products in Tucson, AZ
Stone retainer wall - rock products in Tucson, AZ
Rockscaped lawn - rock products in Tucson, AZ
Rounded concrete bench - concrete products in Tuscon, AZ
By using granite aggregates, natural crushed stones or river rocks, Tucson's lawns have been taking on a new look, commonly called ‘xeroscaping' or ‘rockscaping'. Living in the desert, landscaping with natural rock allows a low-maintenance decorative look to your yard's landscaping. Our staff is always ready to help both the inexperienced homeowner as well as the experienced landscaping contractor.
We can load your vehicle in addition to offering delivery service and our products can be purchased either in large or small quantities. Whether it is gravel for your driveway or a more decorative rock for rockscaping your lawn, let us help you create your custom dramatic desert landscaping look. We carry the finest boulders and rock materials around, including a wide variety of crushed rocks, screened and non-screened materials, river rocks, riprap and soils. We now offer flagstone and concrete benches and a few concrete ornamental items to create that walkway or patio so you can sit, relax and enjoy your yard. Our knowledgeable staff will be glad to assist you in determining the quantities needed for your landscaping projects. It's more affordable than you probably think. A little bit of rock can go a long way in the appearance, appeal, and will certainly increase the value of your home.
1/2 Red rocks - rock products in Tucson, AZ
Concrete bench - concrete products in Tuscon, AZ
Landscaping rocks - rock product sales in Tucson, AZ
Turtle stepping stone - stepping stone products in Tucson, AZ
1 Tayapal Coral rock - rock products in Tucson, AZ